22 November 2011


The mighty mighty Tanya Morgan, one of the hottest Hip-Hop groups around and yet still criminally under played, the 3 piece crew featuring members Donwill, Von Pea and Ilyas now appears to have been scaled down to a two man operation as Ilyas (now known as iL-EL) concentrates on a solo career.

Tanya Morgan is still as powerful as ever and as always whether it be one of Don Will or Von Peas solo projects or combined as Tanya Morgan these fellas always drop well thought out lyrics, on one hand not taking themselves too seriously but on the other still keeping it firmly grounded.

You & What Army brings what TM fans around the globe have been waiting for, with over a year since their last outing to 'The Sandwich Shop' we are now treated to another fresh serving from the guys which features a great selection of new tracks, favorites around here being Whatever That's Mine, Gotta Get Over It (feat. Napoleon & Che Grand),In The City & Together (feat. Exile) although there is not a bad track on the album.

The great thing about TM as well as quality lyrics is that you can always be guaranteed a tasty selection of dope beats and lovingly dug samples, this joint does not disappoint.

Von Pea goes on to describe the albums title You & What Army as another statement like It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, no matter what goes on they wont be stopped.

Here at PunchChunk we believe that this is a great statement to make as no Hip-Hop lover is ready for an end to Tanya Morgan, in our opinion they're just getting started...

Hit the Bandcamp  link now to cop yourself a free copy courtesy of Don & Von

14 September 2011


It's no secret that The Bodega Brovas are at the top of our must hear Hip-Hop list here at PunchChunk, these 3 fellas came together from across the USA and are producing some of the freshest, dopest tracks around at present, they bring together the hard to craft combination of keeping it real and also managing to keep it fun, Headkrack, Travii The 7th & Keynote bring you this mixtape to whet your appetite for the main event, the album launch coming to a store near you in just a few weeks time.

Now we don't mind saying that this mixtape is better than some cats finished albums, it includes dope production from the likes of The ARE, Twiz The Beat Pro, Lex Zyne, Kevin Fiasco, Secondsense, J Rhodes & M Slago and features collabos from a host of talented artists including Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Mr J Medeiros, Erica Thompson, Keva, Lyric Jones & PicnicTyme.

Add to this a smoothly crafted mix from DJ Fishr Pryce and you got yourself a chunk of quality Hip-Hop.

Grab the free download of the mix here and if you like that then pick up the unmixed pre album on iTunes now

The Bodega Brovas drop their official HiPNOTT debut, Loaded Guns & Alcohol, on October 25th and you can get more of them on their official website, like them on Facebook or just stop by and say what's up on Twitter

Included on Fancy Anthrax is the single “We Got It” produced by Twiz The Beat Pro, which garnered some serious attention last week when Travii, Keynote and Headkrack dropped the video for the track, check it out below

26 August 2011


We sure loves us a good beat tape here at Punch Chunk HQ, the kind you can just put on whilst you go about all manner of pursuits, gently nodding your head all the way from start to finish, the kind of tape you didn't realise you were enjoying so much until it finished and everything felt kinda empty. 

Great thing is with Cheap Heat from Def Dee you can just hit the play button and start again, how is this different to other beat tapes i hear you say? Well Cheap Heat brings you something and takes you to somewhere different every time you hear it, getting a bigger and better experience with each sitting.

Def Dee is a producer hailing out of Seattle who has recently been added to the books of  The Mello Music Group.

The talented producer offers us a broad selection of original beats and samples blending together seamlessly yesterday and today. Influences can be felt from classic producers such as Pete Rock & Prem up to more recent cats such as Jay Dee and 9th Wonder although what is clear is that Def Dee is no copycat producer, all his beats are fresh and he offers us his own unique style that we're sure will appeal to Hip-Hop heads & artists around the globe who will no doubt be beating down his door to get a Def Dee jam to spit over.

Get in touch with him on his Facebook or Twitter and enjoy the free 29 track download from the Bandcamp link now!!


Man oh man!! ….now you know when a review starts like this that something pretty special has landed in our inbox….

FeSo is an a dope lyricist coming out of (please fill in the blanks) ,USA

The Corner Club Presents: Working Title is an absolute work of art and FeSo flows so fresh and tight over the brilliantly crafted uplifting beats that bring this project right together.

This joint features collabos with Naledge, Add-2, Young Tez and Matte and includes some 1st class production from the likes of jansport j, fLako, CMART, alex goose, jDub & more. Not to mention the sample from one of the greatest movies of all time, Office Space, what more could you want from an EP?

If your appetite has been whet by this then pick up some more Feso on his Facebook and Twitter.

Sir, you have new fans here ….we're off to buy the T-Shirt!!

12 August 2011


Coming hot out of Atlanta / Pallet Town GA, Ethereal makes his return on this collabo with KeithCharles Spacebar to form super duo Superbuddah and these laid back downtempo Hip-Hop beats really hit the spot. Lyrically tight with flows supreme and smooth support vocals from India Shawn and others make this a great joint to chill to while we still have these long lazy summer days to enjoy it.

" This presented album is a monumental piece to the puzzle. On a cold winter night in Jamaica-Queens in the late quarter of 1998, what started as a simple play of satire, grew and flowered into a quintessential body of work. That night great minds conspired to bring about what could be the most herald, most anticipated album of the pre-millenia and decades to come. With guest appearances from high capacity minds and close mates like Micah Freeman and Father, to special auditory stimulating vocals from the lovely siren-esque India Shawn and The RedFox, we oblige that you check out what we have hand crafted over a span of a monolithic 5 days of grueling work. So without further adieu SUPERBUDDAH and Awfully Creative present: Watch The Couch "
Support Superbuddah with a $5 download donation on their Bandcamp page if you dig their sound but in supporting the tradition of free music on PunchChunk Superbuddah are also offering a free download here.

31 July 2011


Holeee shieeeet!! This is the one you've been waiting for….

Poetree is a majorly talented producer and DJ hailing from the UK. He has put out many awesome singles on-line in the past including the killer track Music Power featuring guest vocals from Atlanta lyricist Headkrack. Many have waited in anticipation for Poetree to release his first full lenght feature. Although Poetree classes this release as an EP it is still a full length 15 track slice of musical magic.

Potree has taken his influences from many genres including Jazz and Hip-Hop and has taken his samples and beats from across many decades, old and new mixed together in perfect harmony to bring you some amazingly dope beats.

Kickin in hard with this girl, Poetree drops us some new flavours and some of his more established tracks on a compilation that would be as at home banging in a club, at a house party or just chillin sippin' brews around the BBQ.

If Poetree is not yet amongst your top 10 beat producers on the face of this planet then drop this little gem, sit back and prepared to grow with the (Poe)tree.

Tell Poetree how much you dig his music here on Twitter and don't forget you can pick up all of his classic joints and mixtapes via his page on Facebook.

Good things come to those who wait….

23 July 2011


To be honest were still spinning from listening to Kai Straw's epic evil monster of greatness that is 'The Tragedian's Decoupage'

As soon as you press play it hits you like a duffel bag of bowling balls round the face, this is not going to be your average album.

Kai Straw is a lyricist, writer and producer from Fairfield California and the sun must be beating hard out there in CA as what Kai has put together here is something so different and so unique that whatever genre you're normally 'into' this will just throw your views out of the water.

There are many stand out tracks on the album but 'Slaughterhouse' is an amazing track and sends you on a musical roller coaster ride from start to finish.

As a rapper Kai still has skills, check out '28 Grams' and feel his flow yourself but this is so much more than a Hip-Hop album, whatever you want to call it or whatever genre you want to throw it in it's an album you need in your collection

Open your ears and let Kai Straw open your eyes to something new today

20 July 2011


Maua is a young rapper, writer, singer and mother from Oakland, California and 'Minor To A Major' is her debut release on Bump Records

Maua is a real raw talent, 'Minor to a Major' illustrates her everyday mindset, which is the importance of priorities in her life and the motivation within her to complete her goals and execute her vision, making the distractions and tests that occur "minor".

The albums production is top notch but it's really Maua's vocals and singing ability that make this album stand out head and shoulders above others in the same genre. Maua's singing voice is soulful and sexy whilst her rap flow is tight, ruff and raw.

Maua is on Twitter and Facebook if you want to find out more about her and make sure you grab yourself a download of 'Minor To A Major' today.

19 July 2011


Miles Davis, Brian Eno and Daft Punk held a conspiratorial meeting aboard my time machine/trans-dimensional spacecraft while I furiously took notes. The results are my attempts to realize what was under discussion.

The above is Dave Painchaud's description of his own work, to be honest we have to admit it's a pretty accurate description and like those aforementioned artists Dave's work has the potential to be admired by many.

From the second you press play on 'Tales Told and Journeys Imagined' you get the feeling it's going to be a pretty special piece of work, now incase you don't know of Dave he grew up in Maine and now resides in Carmel, New York, as you may guess he doesn't like to get tied down in musical genres but believes we’re at a point culturally where we’re tired and dismissive of genre.

Dave's musical stylings are very unique so take a listen for yourself and decide (or not, as Dave may encourage) where you think his work falls, in fact, no, don't do that, just check out the album, sit back, relax and let Dave take you on a musical journey aboard his trans-dimensional spacecraft of discovery, enjoy.

If you dig Dave's music you can find more of him here on Facebook and Twitter


You can't help but give respect to the amount of awesome work that the Beastie Boys have given us over the years. Now they have been know for some crazy videos in the past but I think this one takes the biscuit. It was directed by the legendary Spike Jonze so you know it is gonna be unique and unique it is!!

Though no Yeti's were harmed in the making of this video, please remember, that there are some scenes that are a rugged and raw depiction of a world that is at times violent, and even frightening.

That being said, please heat up the butter and the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the official Full Length, Ultra HD and Explicit Director's Cut music video for Beastie Boys "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)" off their album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.

For more crazy Beastie Boys antics check them out on Twitter and Facebook

18 July 2011


Rami & Ryan are lyricist Rami Al-odaini & producer Ryan Pham and the pair both hail from San Rafael, California.

Now these guys may be young and the album entitled "The Lazy Album' but dont let that fool you these two guys have skills beyond their years. Rami has a really well defined flow and rides the beats with no effort at all. This is surely helped by the quality of the beats and production from Ryan who you would think had been in the game for years the way he crafts these different styles that add just the right swing to bounce this album from one track to the next with the correct amounts of associated head nodding.

Here at Punchchunk we are eagerly anticipating their next release as potential for future quality from these guys is high and we want more

Grab the free download below and get down with Rami & Ryan on Facebook


So ATL resident and Bronx born homie Headkrack is one of our favorite artists here at Punch Chunk.

To keep it short he tried to catch a flight with Delta, it didn't happen and well, the rest is history. Headkrack was beyond annoyed so as soon as he hit the crib he decided to drop this freestyle to express his pretty blunt feelings towards Delta.

As we mentioned Bodega Brovas member Headkrack is one of our favorite Hip-Hop artists so expect to see more from him gracing these pages in the future.

Also keep your eyes peeled for Headkrack's solo album dropping soon.

Check out the notes below, hit play & peep the freestyle:
" So I left for a flight this morning and I was all packed up and ready to go. It was a short stay in Belize so I just packed my bookbag. I arrive to the airport at 9:18 for a flight that left at 10:15. Delta didn’t let me on. I missed my flight (the only one leaving today) and will have to wait til at least September to peep Belize. It’s on for life between me and Delta. Pissed off I came home and recorded this "

17 July 2011


This music is so chilled, here at Punch Chunk HQ we all just had a mass chill out session whilst vibing to Jonathan Stewarts 'Something So Simple' albums.

We say albums as Johantan is now on volume 2 of this 30 song project. Volume 1 was released earlier this year (move to New York is a fantastic track) and volume 2 has just recently surfaced on his Bandcamp page.

Both volumes are skillfully crafted, Jonathan has a great voice for this type of relaxed acoustic, rock, folk music and the instruments are all perfectly in harmony enhancing the whole vibe perfectly and bringing out the best in Jonathan's smooth voice.

We can't help compare his voice and some of his more up tempo work to early 'Presidents Of The United States Of America' releases and that can only be a good thing, maybe even the odd hint of Weezer every now and again in his voice, it's just all done in a much more laid back manner. He lists Matt Pryor, Sufjan Stevens, Jimmy Stewart, Dashboard Confessional and everything and anything Hotel Cafe amongst his personal influences.

Grab the downloads of both volumes right here on his bandcamp page and enjoy the newly released volume 2 below. Catch Jonathan on his Facebook and Twitter pages for more info…

16 July 2011


Ok so we're not going to pussyfoot around here, we love Uzoy! there, we said it.

Uzoy is a talented young rapper coming out of Houston, Texas and yes that is Uzoy like the gun if you were wondering.

We first came to appreciate Uzoy's liquid flow back in 2009 when we heard her 'Twilight Zone' track which featured on the Kixpo 2009 mixtape and we have been looking forward to her first full album release ever since.

Uzoy will tell you herself that she is a bit of a homebody but she has been out and about making waves on the Dallas live Hip-Hop scene supporting artists such as Devin The Dude and MGK and will be supporting one of her favorite artists Warner Bros own XV in Houston on August 10th.

So there are many dope tracks on her album the [DEF]inition and you will find yourself bouncing from one track to the next whether it's smooth production on the track 'Everyday', hitting hard with 'Twilight Zone' or a quick blast back to the past riding the beat of the classic Souls Of Mischief track '93 'Till Infinity' on her version 'Now'Till Infinity' you will be feeling this album from start to finish

We know Uzoy has got what it takes to make it so expect to see alot more of her in the future and if you are crazy enough to think there is no place for female rappers in the game then now's the time to think again.

If you want more Uzoy make sure to catch up with her on her official Twitter and Facebook now.


Straight out of Cincinnati comes iL-EL, previously known as Ilyas from the always rockin, often underestimated group Tanya Morgan with his solo joint 'We Are All Kings'

In this joint iL-EL rhymes about how he was given birth to by Tanya Morgan but they created a monster, in such a way as to say I will always be down with you guys but I'm heading out by myself now.

The video was directed and edited by Ilyas himself and we think he's done a top notch job putting together a quality video that could put to shame some million dollar productions.

Loving Guitar Jonsu on the guitar as well bringing that added dimension to the track.

Looking forward to more solo joints from iL-EL in the future

15 July 2011


WEIRD: When Everything In Reality Disappears

Garry With Two R's not only has one of the most unusual name's in the game but be careful when you try to categorise him musically as G.W.2.R.S classes himself not as a rapper but as a musician and he doesn't mind saying that anyone who calls him a rapper needs to watch their backs.

G.W.2.R.S is a breaking artist and producer from Las Vegas USA who not only spits lyrics across all the dope beats on the album but he created all but 1 of them himself. This means he rides his custom flow smoothly from start to finish, it's like the whole PC/Mac thing, PC's struggle at times due to different manufacturers producing the hardware & operating system whereas Apple produce their own that run in perfect harmony together, this is what G.W.2.R.S has created on this album, everything just seems to fit.

W.E.I.R.D is not Garrys first album, infact it is his fourth so the man knows what he is doing and this is apparent due to the quality of production and well thought out conscious lyrics.

Keep your eye out for Garry With Two R's on iPod's near you now.

If you dig this guys flows then check more of him on Twitter and Facebook now.

14 July 2011


I'm talking all that jazz!! Well at least Joller is playing all that Jazz and he does it absolutely brilliantly. From the moment you press play on the first track you can hear and feel that this artist puts his heart and soul into his music.

Now this 8 track album was written, arranged and produced by Joller or as he is know in some circles and I'm sure to his mother, Jonathan Waller and he is based out of Brighton, UK.

The album features a host of talented musicians helping Joller bring the tracks to life and instruments used include Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Trombone, Guitar, Cello, Viola and violin amongst others with Joller himself playing the lions share of the instrumentals on the Piano, Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Percussion.

It is so good to hear real instruments being used by real musicians and it reminds us that however good an electronic based production system can be there is nothing better than live instruments to create that all enveloping rich sound.

Even if Joller's kind of funky jazz is not what you would normally listen to just open your mind and give this a chance, you know the old saying 'Try it …you might just like it'

If you enjoy Joller's music then find out more about him on his Facebook page

Have a listen at the link underneath and grab the download today...