19 July 2011


Miles Davis, Brian Eno and Daft Punk held a conspiratorial meeting aboard my time machine/trans-dimensional spacecraft while I furiously took notes. The results are my attempts to realize what was under discussion.

The above is Dave Painchaud's description of his own work, to be honest we have to admit it's a pretty accurate description and like those aforementioned artists Dave's work has the potential to be admired by many.

From the second you press play on 'Tales Told and Journeys Imagined' you get the feeling it's going to be a pretty special piece of work, now incase you don't know of Dave he grew up in Maine and now resides in Carmel, New York, as you may guess he doesn't like to get tied down in musical genres but believes we’re at a point culturally where we’re tired and dismissive of genre.

Dave's musical stylings are very unique so take a listen for yourself and decide (or not, as Dave may encourage) where you think his work falls, in fact, no, don't do that, just check out the album, sit back, relax and let Dave take you on a musical journey aboard his trans-dimensional spacecraft of discovery, enjoy.

If you dig Dave's music you can find more of him here on Facebook and Twitter

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