17 July 2011


This music is so chilled, here at Punch Chunk HQ we all just had a mass chill out session whilst vibing to Jonathan Stewarts 'Something So Simple' albums.

We say albums as Johantan is now on volume 2 of this 30 song project. Volume 1 was released earlier this year (move to New York is a fantastic track) and volume 2 has just recently surfaced on his Bandcamp page.

Both volumes are skillfully crafted, Jonathan has a great voice for this type of relaxed acoustic, rock, folk music and the instruments are all perfectly in harmony enhancing the whole vibe perfectly and bringing out the best in Jonathan's smooth voice.

We can't help compare his voice and some of his more up tempo work to early 'Presidents Of The United States Of America' releases and that can only be a good thing, maybe even the odd hint of Weezer every now and again in his voice, it's just all done in a much more laid back manner. He lists Matt Pryor, Sufjan Stevens, Jimmy Stewart, Dashboard Confessional and everything and anything Hotel Cafe amongst his personal influences.

Grab the downloads of both volumes right here on his bandcamp page and enjoy the newly released volume 2 below. Catch Jonathan on his Facebook and Twitter pages for more info…

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