23 July 2011


To be honest were still spinning from listening to Kai Straw's epic evil monster of greatness that is 'The Tragedian's Decoupage'

As soon as you press play it hits you like a duffel bag of bowling balls round the face, this is not going to be your average album.

Kai Straw is a lyricist, writer and producer from Fairfield California and the sun must be beating hard out there in CA as what Kai has put together here is something so different and so unique that whatever genre you're normally 'into' this will just throw your views out of the water.

There are many stand out tracks on the album but 'Slaughterhouse' is an amazing track and sends you on a musical roller coaster ride from start to finish.

As a rapper Kai still has skills, check out '28 Grams' and feel his flow yourself but this is so much more than a Hip-Hop album, whatever you want to call it or whatever genre you want to throw it in it's an album you need in your collection

Open your ears and let Kai Straw open your eyes to something new today

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