31 July 2011


Holeee shieeeet!! This is the one you've been waiting for….

Poetree is a majorly talented producer and DJ hailing from the UK. He has put out many awesome singles on-line in the past including the killer track Music Power featuring guest vocals from Atlanta lyricist Headkrack. Many have waited in anticipation for Poetree to release his first full lenght feature. Although Poetree classes this release as an EP it is still a full length 15 track slice of musical magic.

Potree has taken his influences from many genres including Jazz and Hip-Hop and has taken his samples and beats from across many decades, old and new mixed together in perfect harmony to bring you some amazingly dope beats.

Kickin in hard with this girl, Poetree drops us some new flavours and some of his more established tracks on a compilation that would be as at home banging in a club, at a house party or just chillin sippin' brews around the BBQ.

If Poetree is not yet amongst your top 10 beat producers on the face of this planet then drop this little gem, sit back and prepared to grow with the (Poe)tree.

Tell Poetree how much you dig his music here on Twitter and don't forget you can pick up all of his classic joints and mixtapes via his page on Facebook.

Good things come to those who wait….

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