18 July 2011


Rami & Ryan are lyricist Rami Al-odaini & producer Ryan Pham and the pair both hail from San Rafael, California.

Now these guys may be young and the album entitled "The Lazy Album' but dont let that fool you these two guys have skills beyond their years. Rami has a really well defined flow and rides the beats with no effort at all. This is surely helped by the quality of the beats and production from Ryan who you would think had been in the game for years the way he crafts these different styles that add just the right swing to bounce this album from one track to the next with the correct amounts of associated head nodding.

Here at Punchchunk we are eagerly anticipating their next release as potential for future quality from these guys is high and we want more

Grab the free download below and get down with Rami & Ryan on Facebook

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