26 August 2011


We sure loves us a good beat tape here at Punch Chunk HQ, the kind you can just put on whilst you go about all manner of pursuits, gently nodding your head all the way from start to finish, the kind of tape you didn't realise you were enjoying so much until it finished and everything felt kinda empty. 

Great thing is with Cheap Heat from Def Dee you can just hit the play button and start again, how is this different to other beat tapes i hear you say? Well Cheap Heat brings you something and takes you to somewhere different every time you hear it, getting a bigger and better experience with each sitting.

Def Dee is a producer hailing out of Seattle who has recently been added to the books of  The Mello Music Group.

The talented producer offers us a broad selection of original beats and samples blending together seamlessly yesterday and today. Influences can be felt from classic producers such as Pete Rock & Prem up to more recent cats such as Jay Dee and 9th Wonder although what is clear is that Def Dee is no copycat producer, all his beats are fresh and he offers us his own unique style that we're sure will appeal to Hip-Hop heads & artists around the globe who will no doubt be beating down his door to get a Def Dee jam to spit over.

Get in touch with him on his Facebook or Twitter and enjoy the free 29 track download from the Bandcamp link now!!

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