12 August 2011


Coming hot out of Atlanta / Pallet Town GA, Ethereal makes his return on this collabo with KeithCharles Spacebar to form super duo Superbuddah and these laid back downtempo Hip-Hop beats really hit the spot. Lyrically tight with flows supreme and smooth support vocals from India Shawn and others make this a great joint to chill to while we still have these long lazy summer days to enjoy it.

" This presented album is a monumental piece to the puzzle. On a cold winter night in Jamaica-Queens in the late quarter of 1998, what started as a simple play of satire, grew and flowered into a quintessential body of work. That night great minds conspired to bring about what could be the most herald, most anticipated album of the pre-millenia and decades to come. With guest appearances from high capacity minds and close mates like Micah Freeman and Father, to special auditory stimulating vocals from the lovely siren-esque India Shawn and The RedFox, we oblige that you check out what we have hand crafted over a span of a monolithic 5 days of grueling work. So without further adieu SUPERBUDDAH and Awfully Creative present: Watch The Couch "
Support Superbuddah with a $5 download donation on their Bandcamp page if you dig their sound but in supporting the tradition of free music on PunchChunk Superbuddah are also offering a free download here.

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